Kirey Group is pleased to present the new 2018 calendar titled "28,000 Years of Human Creativity"

A continuous line that tells, page after page, an adventure, an idea, a dream, an intuition, a project, a research, a thought, that develop over time. Tenacious, motivated, inspired. It is a line that tells of the connections, or better put, of the interconnections, between "living beings". Kirey Group is exactly this, a continuous line with the past, but with an eye to the future, the innovation that comes from evolution.

A point, the beginning of a project, constantly growing over the years, which becomes a tangible and strong marcation line, which matures and strengthens with commitment and devotion, the thirst for excellence that evolves into passion. "28,000 Years of Human Creativity" is a journey that is made of tangible, manipulable, perishable objects, and clearly expresses what interconnects the human race: creativity.

Specifically it is a creativity that we call "art",  which in reality is pure and simple manifestation of an evolution of thought, the same thought that then, over time, has also become technological innovation.


Start your journey in this history of creativity!


Download our calendar for the year 2018 by clicking on the link below:
Kirey Group Calendar 2018