Business Intelligence

On the Forefront of Business Intelligence

Kirey Group competences are based on control and information management culture grown over the years, that allows the creation of new and effective models to provide companies with the possibility of analysing the most critical aspect of business. It is a culture born and reinforced in the markets of insurance and banking, where Kirey Group supports Clients/Customers by developing solutions aimed at managing processes such as credit analysis, a field Kirey Group specialized in over the years.

Kirey Group tools allow to understand phenomena and new contest/context, identifying prototypes in order to answer specific needs, also following the principles of data management processes; all of that is poosible thanks to always being on the lookout for new knowledge, both for the functional analysis of customers business and for the technological tools. The analysts employed are also encouraged to research new market trends, such as giving more attention to data scientists who are able to operate though mathematical models.

The market approach/target is based on three parameters: technological, with a multiplatform knowledge which allows to identify the best solution in every company’s fields; vertical, with competences on functional processes of related markets; methodological, with the capability to take charge/over a project with the guaranty of certified methods and tools.