Enterprise Application Management

We Map the Actual Processes of Companies

Kirey Group has developed over the years specific skills in the business processes in the management and application fields.Thanks to deep industry know-how, specialized resources in the most popular application packages or customized applications and consolidated methodologies, Kirey Group is able to map the actual processes of companies and to propose and develop vertical solutions that can contribute to the company success. This natively integrated management of business processes and technologies and applications supporting them, provides companies with competitive advantages in terms of directional speed, accuracy of information, increased productivity levels, and ability to quickly react to business and market needs.

In addition to that, Kirey Group has a solid team, capable of addressing the complexities of large enterprises, particularly in the areas of Insurance, Banking, Oil & Gas and Public Administration, where it carries important integration projects, also supporting key core processes.

Some experiences:

● Data migration and application development projects, custom and non, in Life, Property & Casualty and claims.

● Reengineering in Java of Oil & Gas Material Management Systems

● Customization and development projects to innovate Public Finance, Local and Central.

● Full support to the processes and implementation of ERP 'core' logistics and accounting industrial systems

● Accounting integration with agency 'departmental' systems in the insurance sector

● Realization of standard integration and custom add-on development projects for the Engineering, Procurement & Construction industry

● Reengineering in Java of a Complete Solution for Managing Pension Funds