Data Management, Governance and Quality

We Effectively Leverage Information

A clear and informed view of how information are handled is now a central factor in IT managers' agendas and business strategies. In a context characterized by the need to manage, through analytics models, a large amount of structured information and not (Big Data), it is crucial to have accurate, complete and up-to-date view of company data. It is necessary to define for each of them, at least for the relevant ones, an identity card that qualifies them in terms of semantics, ownership, source, rules of treatment and quality. We must then consolidate the technological support that ensures consistent data management with the rules set, but above all activate new processes for government and enhancing their role in the organization.

Kirey Group proposes an effective and sustainable approach to government information management, applied in more than 100 interventions over the last 5 years: a vision focused on the "data" perspective – in synergy with the traditionally approach oriented to treatments and applications - to effectively exploit Information not only in critical process management, but also in the implementation of interpretative and predictive analysis models.

Kirey Group offers end-to end services and solutions for Data Management, Governance and Quality, including organizational and methodological consulting, qualification and cataloging of information assets, and realization (including specific software tools) of system for the governance and control of the data, the implementation of remediation interventions and structural improvement of data quality. All components of this offer are based on a solid and concrete methodological approach, applicable also for compliance with regulatory requirements (Basel, Solvency, GDPR, ...).

Born in the Financial area, where regulatory efforts require greater government of information assets, the Group's expertise is based on principles and methodologies applicable to many other markets