Digital Execution

We Anticipate and Drive Changes

New technologies make available application opportunities that promise to radically change both business and daily life. Kirey Group is heavily involved in scenarios such as the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence for profiling behaviours and anti-fraud, biometrics for secure access, and Blockchain for data security. In this context, the Group has acquired expertise and developed technological solutions to help companies define specific roadmaps for innovation, starting with the insurance and banking sectors. These are markets that are undergoing big changes when it comes to implementing innovation in processes, services and business models. Changes favoured by the availability of advanced, cost-effective technologies.

Among others, Kirey has developed a system for Connected Insurance which makes extensive use of telematics solutions for cars, homes and Health & Wellness; it uses customer behaviour profiling to properly assess the risk rate and satellite data that can identify hazards in areas in the event of catastrophic events; it guarantees contraposition to fraud, and physical and computer security.

The Group has also gained experience in the field of Machine Learning, with the aim of supporting companies in adopting predictive systems, overcoming static data analysis and developing models that allow identifying relationships between technological and / or business phenomena, with the goal to anticipate and drive the change.