IT Security

Deep Knowledge of Technology Systems

Given the current rapid digitalization of processes and services, data security is one of the most critical scenarios for every company. Kirey Group has a deep knowledge of technology systems and has acquired methodological and process expertise to implement and manage comprehensive IT security projects. It has strong experience in the field of compliance that defines the security levels that companies must ensure, both when it comes to regulatory obligations for legal business management and when they respond to the need to protect the integrity of the business.

The Group is also recognized by the market for its solid expertise in the anti-fraud systems of banks, insurance and e / m payment providers, while protecting over half of its active banking channels in Italy. Through Kima's team of experts, as a PCI-DSS Certification Body, it ensures compliance with international standards defined by the PCI Security Standards Council.

Every topic related to security is dealt with by Kirey Group starting with the initial analysis of the security levels, of the processes and tools that exist in the company, in order to design the solution and the selection of the most appropriate technologies, up to the release of the project and to the following maintenance, to preserve the effectiveness and upgrades of the system over time.