IT Transformation

We Spur Innovation

In software defined economy there is a radical change of the competition paradigms and, in order not to risk losing market positions, large companies have to adapt and evolve by constantly defining new business models. Therefore, there is the need to review the world of datacenter, as well as the methodology and processes that companies use to deliver IT services, especially when opening to collaboration and mobile.

Kirey Group has developed a set of practices, processes and tools to spur evolution in accordance with the Fast IT paradigms, operating both on the infrastructure aspect as well as on methodology and process. The Group's expertise translates into providing support on all aspects of datacenter management, on software quality assurance and the compliance with service levels through KPI.

The Group has also developed analytical capabilities with the aim of collecting information from heterogeneous sources, correlating them and developing business-oriented IT dashboards to speed up decision making and analysis of variations. With a strong presence in Enterprise, Banking and Insurance market segments, Kirey Group is committed to create systems able to anticipate events, applying mathematical models and infrastructures useful for learning and predicting, automating possible reactions.