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The intelligence activity of Kirey Group allows to integrate important information for the cybersecurity of banks and financial operators
Kirey Group, with its IKS cybersecurity division, has consolidated experience in analyzing not only the technological aspect of cyber threats but also the behavioral one, crossing vital company information with those deriving from multiple sources, among which today also DarkWeb is featured.
During the Banking and Security event promoted by ABI, Kirey presented a complete overview of what DarkWeb is today, as an anonymous and constantly evolving ecosystem from which ever greater threats to the banking sector originate, but also as a huge repository of data and services for sale, real and false, which can be used to build an effective defense system with respect to the new frontiers of cybercrime.
“This is not a simple process,” explained Giampiero Moscato, Partner and BDM of Kirey Group during his speech. IKS Security Division. “In the world of anonymity we became known for the relationships we create, the hacking campaigns that have been promoted over time and the name we have built. To access the information and consider it valid, cyber-intelligence companies must use people who already have a history within the DarkWeb: real infiltrators ”.
A complex intelligence journey, which combines experience and expertise, and which Kirey experts carry on with the conviction that supporting the customer with an efficient cyber defense means integrating and correlating multiple sources and creating a complete security incident management system and effective.

See the video interview with Giampiero Moscato here.