IT Security

Extensive knowledge of methodology and business process help to manage and deliver a successful data protection project: Kirey designs the architecture to secure sensitive data and define the appropriate level of security controls. Kirey develops solutions to prevent fraud both in traditional industries and in the Insurance and Banking sectors.
Cybersecurity program starts with a security risk analysis of company system and processes, providing clients with the right technology solutions that meet their business requirement, while designing, integrating and maintaining the best tools to ensure long term system efficiency and update.

Data Security

The increased use of the cloud system has resulted in a quick and efficient data accessibility, but has also made it harder to have full control of the information flows through standard security tools. While spreading unstructured data and sharing information, organisations face some serious security challenges: Kirey Group has gained a strong experience in delivering Data Loss Prevention and Document Right Management solutions. It’s critical to protect sensitive data while providing availability in the client’s Backend systems. Kirey Group helps to optimize control over data and prevent Data Breach using market-leading Database Monitoring and Encryption technologies.

Network & Endpoint

Enterprises’ IT architecture is moving forward the adoption of infrastructures “as a service” models, either through in-house or cloud-based server solutions. Bringing the best data management and security measures to safeguard “liquid” borders is a key priority.
Kirey Group focuses on two different areas of strategic importance:

Perimetral Security. To significantly reduce the risk for the internal network, it is essential to recognise internal network design segments (to define communication rules), restricting certain activities to specific users and proactively managing the response against the ever-changing landscape of cyber threats.

Endpoint Security. An approach which helps to protect and manage the users’ computers access without limiting availability of information or reducing efficiency in business activities.


When it comes to the latest digital environment, traditional signature-based intrusion detection systems have proven insufficient to adequately protect against malware and cyber criminals.
Traffic analysis and network activities monitoring are essential to track suspicious activities, to predict and prevent attacks and respond proactively, manage vulnerability and isolate and/or update compromised systems.
Kirey Group offers innovative SIEM platforms which analyse and collect information from traditional logs to external sources and Big Data — key insight to effectively ensure the information system security — and correlate, identify, detect, and manage security incidents.


Cyber attacks to online banking platforms are becoming increasingly numerous and more sophisticated: Kirey Group can boast strong expertise in Fraud Management, serving over half of the online banking services on the Italian market.
Kirey’s know how and solutions provide a counter fraud offering in the Banking and Insurance sectors and supports clients to adopt the right tools for an efficient prevention of fraudulent activities (existing or future), while meeting the Fraud Detection team’s requests of monitoring transactions, detecting suspicious actions and investigating, without adding complexity to the system or altering efficiency and effectiveness in front-end applications.


Enterprise security policies and procedures provide guidance and tools for companies and organisations who want to ensure that their information system consistently meet security standards (laws, policies, regulations). Establishing appropriate security measures, including regular independent review, is essential.
Kirey has developed a strong experience in security policies that companies are required to comply with both when it comes to laws and regulations applicable to their activities and to the opportunity to safeguard the integrity of the business.
Through Kima’s team of experts as a PCI-DSS Certification Body (, Kirey Group ensures compliance with the international standards defined by the PCI Security Standards Council and share the knowledge gained in compliance regulations to ISO27001 or to GDPR.


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