IT transformation

Best practices and tools to promote innovation and help IT departments to respond quickly to a fast-changing business environment, enhancing infrastructure, methodology and processes: Kirey Group provides consulting solutions on data centre governance, verifies data quality and assesses the performance of the IT service organisation through KPIs. Kirey Group focuses on IT services design and governance based on a DevOps culture, using Application Intelligence to provide insights into the application and infrastructural services, managing, monitoring and optimizing IT services performances.

Data Center & Middleware

While redesigning business models to meet the new paradigm of digital innovation, enterprise IT infrastructures need to evolve to suit evolving conditions, a challenge that cannot be faced only by adopting new technological tools.
In a flexible, user-driven innovation approach, Kirey Group underpins new governance and provision models for IT services, based on open source technology.
IT infrastructure and process know-how enable Kirey Group to support large and medium sized companies to identify the best technology and methodology for the data centre evolution and optimisation, and to meet middleware challenges: from the design of infrastructure to the selection of a suitable middleware platform, from application development to tuning middleware environments for optimal efficiency.

IT Automation

Increasing the level of infrastructure automation is key to create competitive advantage and to face the constantly changing landscape of the Digital Economy.
Servers activities are usually only partially automated and standardised: Kirey Group helps to increase the level of Server Management Automation, reducing the risks associated with manual intervention and making optimal use of resources with an efficient division of tasks.
Higher degree of automation allows improvements in system integrity, managing complexities without increasing resources, reducing discontinuities and verifying critical points, while simplifying compliance management and maximising technological resources and hardware investment with a full control over the life cycle of the virtual machines.

IT Analytics

The increasing volume of structured and unstructured data (Big Data) is the fuel of the Digital Economy. The potential to transform the amount of raw and apparently uncorrelated data into useful insights is therefore fundamental to make better business decisions, overcoming the complexities of existing systems.
Businesses increasingly need to visualize and comprehend data from a synthetic combination of Management Reporting KPIs, that are often unmeasurable or unachievable, if not occasionally through manual data extraction and analysis.
Kirey Group works with clients sharing know-how and technology to build dashboards as well as business and operative tools that centralize consistent and distributed data and track reports through KPIs visualization.

IT Governance

An efficient and informed IT governance is extremely relevant in the current IT infrastructure landscape.
Kirey Group promotes an IT service-oriented culture that optimises the management and the process efficiency of the systems and their individual components.
Kirey Group supports companies to select and deploy IT governance strategies, adopting a resource-based view that simplifies, maximises and constantly looks for innovation. These solutions enable to standardize, integrate and automate processes and services, to evaluate the correct dimensioning of infrastructure, to measure and monitor services’ performance , to meet security standards and compliance requirements.


In the field of Artificial Intelligence, RPA (Robotic Process Automation) is the best suited tool to automate repeatable and predictable actions, as well as entire business processes. Per me così si altera la frase. Riproviamo: RPA is the most suitable solution to automate business critical processes that are rule-based and time-intensive.Smartly automating massive amount of activities is a key step for a digital company when reshaping business processes.
Kirey Group has developed a framework and methodology that define priorities when adopting RPA, the correct approach to gradual deployment, the selection of the most efficient tools, benefits evaluation and ROI calculations.
The goal is to provide clients with a reactive approach to automation helping to increase the speed of execution and to improve accuracy, moving fast to the new Digital Economy.


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